We think we’re specialists but are we really?

A nice post from Seth Godin “Clearing the decks

Interesting to think about where specialists actually use their time, but it’s crazier to think about where they die.

In one regard it reminds me of how from the outside, we think doctors spend their time helping the sick and we disregard the fact that they spend about half their time having to fill out paperwork.  Imagine the amount of patients that are not seen due to this and the waiting lines created.

In another view, maybe it’s more than Very GOOD to keep an open mind when speaking to someone and they say their job titles.  Maybe a controller does more than just finance, maybe a marketer is really doing the selling.

When speaking to entrepreneurs, which I love, they are doing amazing things trying to jungle this balance of opportune specialization and completing the rest of the junk in the trunk.

I guess that’s why we never say give it 100%….because you need more than that to remain good at what your set out to.

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