You don’t have to invent something new.  You just have to do it better than the competition.
I do this through energy. And so can you!

Hi! I’m Mike. From baseball to web

To sum up the past decade: In 2005, I signed a contract to play professional baseball in Milan, Italy.  Unfortunately I couldn’t get the green card to work in Europe…meaning I couldn’t play ball.  Still, the idea of traveling to Europe caught my attention.  And so I decided to go to France and study.  I eventually put a couple master degrees (business and politics) under my belt while in France and Switzerland.  To fund the ride, I started taking freelance jobs as a web admin/ developer.  In 2009, I moved to Amsterdam Netherlands and have been enjoying the bike life.  During the first few years, I was a sales guy helping Dutch tech companies establish business abroad, primarily in English speaking countries.  Then in 2012, I decided to establish my own virtual web agency, Webodew.  I now help business owners find their voice online and bring energy to the web.  To me, this is the style of business that attracts sales.


Here’s some project I’m working on


Web Agency

Webodew is a web agency that helps businesses sell products or services online. Creating websites, videos, web strategy, we create online tools that are lead generating focused…meaning, we focus on saying what needs to be said to your potential clients.  Our focus is schools, non-profits, law firms and hungry entrepreneurs.


Drone Videos

Flying Mikes is an aerial videography and photography service that brings visual content to greater heights – literally. We specialize in high-quality promotional footage that can be used particularly within sports, weddings and tourism.


Podcast (coming soon!)

BrandBallers is a personal podcast with my friend and biz partner, Carl Kwan. We meet every week to talk about our businesses and share what we’re working to improve our marketing efforts and work flow.  A sort of spill our beans discussion that we decided to make public!

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